Vibrating Screens

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What are vibrating screens used for?

Vibrating screens are used in paper production in the stock preparation area and in the approach flow system. With a maximum daily paper production of 150 tons, vibrating screens are installed as the final stage of the sorting process. The reject from pressure screens are mostly small particles consisting of plastic and other lighter materials, flat and spherical. The use of a vibrating screen as the last sorting level is also ideal due to the low energy consumption. A pair of spray pipes washes away the last fiber residues from the contaminants and these fibers are conveyed through a perforation in the accept, while the contaminants at the end of the vibrating chamber are transported to a container for disposal. Vibration screens are not suitable as cleaning machines when metallic parts, glass, sand and similar parts occur, the specific weight of which is higher than that of the stock suspension.
Used vibrating screens and second hand vibrating screens often replace existing machines in the stock preparation and approach flow system.