Coarse Screening

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What is the coarse screening for?

The coarse screening is used within the stock preparation in the paper production process to separate larger contaminants in the waste paper. The recycling material is often of poor quality. Materials such as shoes, cell phones, but also films from agriculture and similar materials, often also mixtures of metal films and plastic, can often be found in the waste paper bales.
In the pulper, in the desolving unit, these materials are beaten down and find a way through the pulper perforation. Large contaminants are disposed of directly in the pulper, while smaller particles are separated out in the coarse screening machines. Typical rejects in the coarse screening are plastics from file folders, file clips, cardboard boxes coated with foils etc.
The coarse screening increases the capacity of the stock preparation and protects accessory machines like refiners, deflakers and screens. Another benefit of coarse screening is the use of poorer and therefore cheaper types of waste paper, since these types of waste paper are cheaper. If a drum pulper or desolving drum is used, there is no coarse screening required, since this pulper technology is very gentle and does not crush and cut contaminants