Pressure Screens

Here you will find used pressure sorters and screens, also in an overhauled condition, which we have in stock.
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Why are pressure screens so important?

The paper industry supplies paper with a high degree of purity. A pressure sorter, also known as pressure screen, selectifier, vertical screen, purifier therefore has the task of cleaning the stock suspension of contaminants and separating the accepted stock and rejects. This is usually done with a screen basket and a rotor. The sieve basket, or hole basket can have a perforation, then it is called hole basket, or can also be provided with slots, then it is called a slotted basket. Pressure screens are used in stock preparation and in the approach flow system, whereby a distinction must be made between low consistency purifying and high consistency screening. In stock preparation, sorting is carried out at higher stock consistency, while pulsation-free thin stock screens are used in the approach flow system, just before the headbox as a final stage. The rotor used has the task of delivering a pressure pulse to the screen basket hole or to the screen basket slot. This pressure pulse keeps the hole or slot free of fiber adherence. In the production of corrugated base paper, slot baskets with a slot width of 0.25 - 0.35mm are often used, while e.g. slot widths from 0.10 to 0.18mm are used in tissue hygienic paper production. The Cbar® slot basket from Voith is a well-known representative of slot baskets.
Used pressure screen and second hand pressure screen is quickly available as a pressure machine for test drive. We have plenty of second hand screen baskets available in our ware house.