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electric motors, frequency converters and soft starters
WEG flange drive motor with 0,55kW
220V / 2,4A / 50Hz
380V / 1,39A / 50Hz
cos phi = 0,78
Price on request
Vaasa Control control unit
Price on request
motor clamping rails 686/16
length 686mm
with M16 threaded bolts
motor size 200/225
Price on request
motor clamping rails 1072/20
length 1072mm
with M20 threaded bolts
motor size 250/280
Price on request
motor clamping rails 1330/24
length 1330mm
M24 threaded bolts
motor size 315/350
Price on request
motor clamping rails 530/12
length 530mm
M12 threaded bolts
motor size 160
Price on request
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Electric motors, frequency converters, actuators and soft starts

Everyone knows that to be able to drive something, you need an engine. We have a selection of used or reconditioned engines in stock for you. Of course we are happy to find the right motor for you. With our partners we always find the right drive for your situation. But also frequency inverters, which are important for various applications. For example to synchronize 2 rollers with each other. Or to be able to precisely control and adjust the pumping capacity of a water pump or fabric pump. There are innumerable areas of application for frequency converters. Soft starts are helpful when starting larger motors such as refiners. Due to the very high power, the inrush current would be much too high with immediate 100% power consumption. Here you can help yourself with a soft start to protect the system from overstressing and to avoid a possible failure.