Refiner & Deflaker

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What are refiners and deflaker?

In paper production it is very important to achieve the necessary properties of the paper. One property is the strength or the tear resistance of the paper. In the stock preparation circuit, refiners are used to influence the strength. The higher the degree of refining, measured in Schopper-Riegler, the finer the paper, a lower degree of refining results in tear-resistant papers. In the waste paper sector, refiners are often used as egalisation refiners to ensure a homogeneous degree of refining. Primary fibers, cellulose, bleached, are used for fine papers and base papers for coating machines. Refiners are often used in series here. There are different types of refiners, for example double disc refiners, conical refiners, steep conical refiners, drum refiners, so-called papillon refiners. Steep conical refiners are popular for small amounts of material, for example in tissue production.
The task of deflakers is to solve unresolved lumps of material, so-called flakes. Pulpers with short dissolution cycles result in more flakes, with longer dissolution cycles, a lower proportion of flakes can be determined. In stock preparation with a drum pulper, the percentage of flakes is close to zero, but deflakers are also installed into the system here. Coarse deflaking are used right after dissolving, these are mostly hole-deflakers, while tooth deflakers are used for fine deflaking.
Used Refiner, second hand refiner, used daflaker and second hand deflaker can be supplied as per the application at the clients conditions. The refiner fillings and deflaker fillings will be installed as per th requirement.