stock pumps, water pumps and dosing pumps for any applications
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Stock Pumps

Stock pumps are special pumps for use in all areas of the paper industry. In particular, stock pumps are used in stock preparation and approach flow system, because such pumps have to meet special requirements. A high consistency up to approx. 6% consistency requires an open pump impeller necessary so that no blockage can occur. A good pump from the manufacturer Ahlstrom or Sulzer have pump housings made of duplex steel, which is a stainless steel with high strength and resistance to abrasion. Ahlström and Sulzer stock pumps are so-called “Install and Forget” machines with high reliability. Used Ahlström and Sulzer pumps can be changed according to customer requirements. Changed speed and changed pump impeller diameter change the performance curves of the pump. An open impeller is used in the high consistency stock, while closed impellers are used in water and thin stock application.