Accessories and spare parts for Instrumentation equipment

Here you will find accessories and spare parts for our range of different instrumentation devices and automation helpers.


ABB trend indicator Datavis B
The measurement signals can be at the four inputs as
either Voltages - 0 ... ± 1 V or - 0 ... ± 10 V
or as currents - 0 ... ± 1mA− 0 ... ± 20 mA.
Price on request
VEGA variable seal for Vegapuls 64/67/69
variable flange seal for Vegapuls 64/67/69
the angel is adjustable from 0° to 8°
Price on request
VEGA Vegabar 54 mounting flange
mounting flange with thread for Vegabar 54
Price on request
VEGA wall bracket with slide adapter 250mm - 350mm
250mm - 350mm
material: 1.4301 stainless steel
with thread G1,5"
Price on request
VEGA welded sleeve D=33,50mm
material: 1.4404
outer diameter = 33,50mm
inner diameter = 26,85mm
length = 25,25mm
Price on request
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Accessories and spare parts for instrumentation

Accessories for instrumentation systems are needed to be able to assemble them correctly in the process, for example. Because only with the correct assembly can they work properly or can output exact measured values.
We have accessories and spare parts that we have in stock. Most parts are from stock and are therefore in NOS condition.