Pulpers & Agitators

here you find pulper and dissolving units for any raw materials, as well as agitators for chests.
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What are pulper and slushing machines used for in the paper industry?

The pulper and slushing machines are at the very beginning of the manufacturing process for paper, board and cardboard in stock preparation but also in the approach flow system. They dissolve different types, waste paper, OCC, virgin pulp. Depending on the application, quantity and type of furnish, horizontal or vertical pulpers are used. A drum pulper is often used in waste paper processing because it dissolves the waste paper very gently. The drum pulper but also the high consistency pulper have the advantage that impurities such as plastic films and other plastic particles are not crushed and are therefore easy to reject.
Used Pulper or second hand pulper are part of our core business. The advantage is, the used pulper and second hand pulper are quick solutions for stock preparation problems.

Why is the design of agitators so important?

The task of an agitator is to keep the suspension in the chests and tanks moving so that a homogeneous consistency is ensured. It must be prevented that the stock suspension stops. Stock suspensions and fibers have the property of dewatering in the chest, which poses great problems in papermaking process. The design of the chest is also important. The chest and tank size and the size of the agitator are directly related. The importance of the chest and the tank is often underestimated and considered only as a storage tank, but the chest and the tank also have a technological function.
Used agitators and second hand agitators are often used for new projects as well because they are easy to acquire.