different manometers for pressured air or hydraulic fluids
WIKA bourdon gauge 0 - 10 bar
G1/4" connection centered on the back
diameter is about 50mm
Price on request
Bourdon Haenni Manometer MIT3 F22 B18
installation manometer 0 - 2,5bar
G1/4" connection
Price on request
Haenni Manometer 0 - 60bar
Price on request
WIKA diaphragm pressure gauge -400 - 0 mbar
G1/2" connection
Price on request
Foxboro MR manometer
display 0 - 100%
3 to 15psi
~ 0,2 - 1 bar
Price on request
Bourdon Haenni Manometer 0 - 100bar
Price on request
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What are pressure gauges good for?

Pressure gauges are consequently display devices which can display a pressure. The pressure can be positive or negative (vacuum)
Pressure gauges are used wherever simple and direct pressure monitoring is required. The best example is a compressed air tank.
Pressure gauges are not only used in pneumatics, but also in hydraulics. They are used by trained personnel for simple and visual control of critical elements in systems in order to prevent any malfunctions or defects.